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Global operation, local calibration!

[fa icon="calendar"] September 22, 2017 / by Jan-Willem Sips

Jan-Willem Sips

The world of utility-scale solar energy is becoming a global market; many investors, asset managers, EPCs and O&M parties operate on an international scale, or they intend to do so.

Many of the parties I meet have global strategies and policies and they buy centrally to benefit from large volume prices. An example is a German monitoring firm, which installs worldwide, but puts all the monitoring elements together in Germany and tests the systems before shipment. 

However, all day-to-day operations take place locally, ranging from accessible solar parks near cities to very remote desert locations. And then the day comes that your pyranometer needs re-calibration; or, worse, is hit by a mowing lorry and needs repair. Are you going to ship it back to your head office? 

Getting stuff in or out of Chile or India, for example, can be a nightmare; lots of documents to be filled in and taxes and export deposits to be paid. All this takes a lot of time, cost and annoyance. Long turn-around times, high shipment costs and sometimes difficult customs procedures might discourage you from proper servicing and calibration. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a service point around the corner?


Local calibrations and local service 

In addition to the factory in the Netherlands and our own offices in France, Singapore and the USA, Kipp & Zonen is setting up service and calibration centres in important solar energy market regions around the world; to ease maintenance, repairs and calibrations of pyranometers. Every calibration facility we have opened has proved to be very welcome and attracted a flood of re-calibrations, resulting in more accurate measurements in the field. 

We carefully select our partners before installing a calibration facility; qualified personnel, relevant technical knowledge and a good relationship with Kipp & Zonen are essential to become a Kipp & Zonen approved  calibration centre. Our partners can really add value locally instead of just shifting boxes.


New calibration facility in India 

Our most recent opening was In July this year; the Indian Calibration Facility for Radiometers in Gurugram (near New Delhi), in close cooperation with Campbell Scientific Canada. Our experts from the head office in Delft travelled to Gurugram to install all necessary equipment and trained our new partners to perform the calibration at the level of quality you can expect from Kipp & Zonen.


The service includes inspection and testing of the pyranometer before it is recalibrated, working to the same procedures and standards as at the factory. The automated calibration facility is the same as those used in Delft and operates through the factory calibration server, software and database. 

We plan to open more facilities in other areas of the world to provide really global coverage and local services without hassle. 

If you want to send your pyranometer in for recalibration to our new facility in India please send a request.

For all other countries please click on the picture below to find your nearest calibration location:

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Jan-Willem Sips

by Jan-Willem Sips

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