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Here are the results of the DustIQ contest – and the winners are…

[fa icon="calendar"] July 21, 2017 / by Kelly Dalu-Karlas

Kelly Dalu-Karlas

A month after the official launch of DustIQ at Intersolar Europe the enquiries keep coming in, but we did not forget about the contest. Before and during Intersolar you could register to win a free DustIQ. From the many registrations we received we have selected 3 winners!


Who will receive a free DustIQ?

The visitor appreciation for our innovation was overwhelming. We knew we had something unique and smart and the introduction at Intersolar proved it. A long list of competition entries is what we brought back to the office in Delft, the Netherlands. A random selection from the list resulted in 3 winners:

Congratulations to Jos Hyden of NOMADD Desert Solar Solutions, Nicolas Chouleur of Sun Power Corporation and Renee Salusky of Groundworks Renewables!

All the winners will receive a DustIQ from the very first production batch and we look forward to receiving their feedback on their impressions and experiences.

What will you do with your DustIQ?

When Nicolas visited Intersolar he had already prepared a list of questions because he wanted to know everything about our new product. He was pleasantly surprised to be one of the winners. We asked him what he has planned for his free DustIQ:

“I don’t know exactly yet, but we have several sites where it would be interesting to run an accurate soiling analysis. One is in Italy and I have in mind another site in South Africa, and lastly a site in France. Though I know by experience that there should not be issues in France, this site is close to a refinery, so I think it would be interesting to do some measurements.

The approach will be to compare the data we get from the reference cells we have on site and what DustIQ will provide us.”

Renee from Groundworks is excited to test DustIQ: “We’re going to deploy it side by side with a traditional measurement system to evaluate performance. “

The third winner, Jos from NOMADD, is an interesting match. NOMADD provides a waterless solution for the cleaning of solar panels. We look forward to hearing back from their first experiences with the DustIQ.


Optimise PV plant performance; DustIQ is the smarter way to monitor the soiling ratio

DustIQ is a new Kipp & Zonen development to measure soiling of PV panels. It is made of the same materials as a regular PV panel and is the same width. Instead of solar cells underneath the glass, there are two independent sensors that measure the soiling of the glass at each end of the DustIQ. The basic principal consists of measuring the reflection of pulsed LED light by the soiling, calculating precisely the transmission losses, and presenting the user two soiling ratios.

DustIQ has many advantages over existing technologies and if you want to stay up to date please register at the DustIQ webpage.

Learn more about DusIQ

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