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How the visitors of Intersolar responded to the new DustIQ

[fa icon="calendar"] June 16, 2017 / by Kelly Dalu-Karlas

Kelly Dalu-Karlas


I’m still excited about the launch of DustIQ at Intersolar Europe. The response we received was overwhelming. Not only that the amount of visitors was higher than expected, but the feedback on DustIQ was incredible and the whole team left Intersolar proud and full of adrenaline. I would like to share some of the responses with you.

Visitors of Intersolar could try DustIQ themselves by covering the sensor with a window of soiling


Benefits to O&M service according to performance engineer Mr. Chouleur

Mr. Chouleur of Sun Power is one of those early adaptors in the solar industry. As soon as he found out about DustIQ he contacted us for an appointment at Intersolar with our product manager Donald van Velsen. The limited information he had read was enough to raise his interest. At Intersolar I asked him about DustIQ:

“It is such an interesting innovation. A different approach from what is usually proposed (soiling measurement based on reference cell). The idea of a maintenance free soiling device is very attractive. Accurate soiling measurement is always an issue because of the difficulty to ensure correct cleaning of the reference cells. Automated systems are good but very expensive (over 5 K€).

DustIQ would be interesting for O&M services to better understand soiling evolution. But I also see the value for the prospecting phase and project development to have soiling measured on the sites of future projects.

My expectations are high of DustIQ as a low cost, though reliable, soiling measurement device. I look forward to reading site analysis reports and comparative studies to other systems.”

Learn more about DusIQ

Meteocontrol’s product management sees the importance for solar monitoring in the Middle East

At Intersolar, DustIQ was also presented on the booth of our launch partner meteocontrol. We asked Stefan Rensberg, head of product management at meteocontrol, what his expectations are of DustIQ.

“In the Middle East Area, or deserts in general, we often get faced with the requirement for soiling detection. The current solutions are either expensive or unreliable. With your DustIQ you are about to close this gap and this helps meteocontrol to offer an entire monitoring solution together with our data logger Blue´Log and our web interface VCOM (virtual control room) for these regions, which are more and more important for us.

To extend our portfolio in the direction of soiling detection makes sense for us to meet the requirements of the emerging markets. To be in line with the new IEC 61724-1 PV Monitoring standard is valuable.

With DustIQ we are able to:
  • Improve the monitoring with having the chance to consider soiling.
  • Track the progress of soiling during weeks and months
  • Monitor the effect of cleaning measures or rainfall

I look forward to having the chance to offer our customers a complete solution for monitoring in case soiling detection is required and also to gather experience and improve our monitoring service, with optimized alarm algorithms for example.”

 meteocontrol at Intersolar with a presentation of DustIQ in the back wall


The marketing side of the launch

As the marketing manager of Kipp & Zonen it was my responsibility to present DustIQ at Intersolar. From the booth design to the hand-outs and give-away on the booth, everything came together on May 31st, the first day of Intersolar. Of course there have been some bumps along the way to Intersolar, but from the minute the doors opened that first morning at Messe Munich the show played itself like a symphony.

The highlight for me was the interactive demonstration of DustIQ. For those who experienced it: How much fun was it!? You could choose a plate with a small amount of soiling on it. By placing it on one of the sensors of the DustIQ a display would show the soiling ratio. Immediately visitors understood how DustIQ works!

And that is exactly the strength of our Intersolar presence this year. To quote Confucius: “Tell me, I will forget. Show me, I may remember. Involve me, I will understand.”

Tell me I'll forget, show me I'll remember, involve me I'll understand

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