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Intersolar, now that the dust has settled

[fa icon="calendar"] June 09, 2017 / by Donald van Velsen

Donald van Velsen

What a success it was, the introduction of the brand new DustIQ soiling monitor. The news about a compelling change in measuring PV panel soiling levels spread like wildfire. At the Kipp & Zonen booth hundreds of people showed up with just one goal: “Show and explain to me the DustIQ”, sometimes followed by “Can I buy one now?”.

If you have missed it, please go to for the latest information.

The Kipp & Zonen booth was very busy during Intersolar where visitors could test the DustIQ

Stay informed on DustIQ

DustIQ offers a new way of measuring soiling on PV panels. It is based on a new Optical Soiling Measurement (OSM) technology that we have been working on for the last 2 years at Kipp & Zonen. The visitors of Intersolar were impressed by the smart solution, especially in comparison to traditional systems with a reference PV panel that needs to stay clean all the time. The DustIQ does not require any maintenance; you clean it when you clean your array of panels.

In the coming period we will publish more information about DustIQ and its availability. Stay informed and subscribe to news and updates here.

Learn more about DusIQ


Time to analyse and finalise DustIQ

We’re proud to have such an innovative new product that offers maintenance free measurement of soiling levels right in between the actual PV panels. You can mount DustIQ on top, at the bottom or in between an array of panels. You can start with one, or choose to have multiple measurement points. DustIQ is easily integrated. It helps you to decide when and where to clean your power plant.

Now that the introduction was so successful it’s time to focus on having the product features validated by independent testing facilities and share the outcome with the world. If you want to be kept informed just subscribe to the DustIQ news feed here.


RT1; two sensors in one to measure the performance of rooftop PV

With so much focus on the DustIQ our second new product the RT1 rooftop sensor faced stiff competition in our booth. Still many visitors came especially for the new, small and competitively priced pyranometer that has been designed for the commercial rooftop market. The RT1’s sleek design and toolless mounting proved to be exactly what customers are looking for. Who else but Kipp & Zonen could deliver such a good pyranometer with PV panel temperature sensor at that price level? 

If you want to know more about the RT1 rooftop duo-sensor we have created a news feed you can subscribe to here.

Learn more about RT1 Rooftop

I would like to thank all visitors to our booth for their interest and feedback. The team has returned with many good ideas and suggestions for the final stages of the development. Thanks again, we aim to meet your expectations.


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Donald van Velsen

by Donald van Velsen

Product manager at Kipp & Zonen's head office in Delft, the Netherlands