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Our launch partners are ready and prepared for DustIQ

[fa icon="calendar"] May 30, 2017 / by Jan-Willem Sips

Jan-Willem Sips

What is DustIQ, and why do you need to find out all about it at Intersolar in Munich?

If your solar energy plant is located in Northern Europe, you might not be too concerned - like me! “Holland is blessed with rain and showers from time to time” (quite often actually); that’s what I thought when I cleaned the PV panels on my garage roof a few weeks ago. It took me about an hour for 12 panels, including getting things ready and storing them again. Apart from algae growing at the bottom of the frames, my sponge stayed quite clean.

Kipp & Zonen helps to monitor soiling remotely 

How different things are in sunny, but dusty, parts of the world. Dust can pile up to cause yield losses of more than 10% in a week; and cleaning a large PV plant costs a lot of time and money in labour and equipment. Sometimes, water is scarce and expensive.

To clean or not to clean, that’s an important question for many solar energy plant operators. So Kipp & Zonen has come up with a new way of measuring PV panel soiling to answer that question. The DustIQ!


Early in the development process we realized that software is a key part of implementing the DustIQ; only state-of-the-art algorithms in the monitoring systems can deliver excellent information for informing cleaning decisions at PV plants.

With this in mind, I approached some of the leading plant monitoring software companies. As I expected, soiling caught the attention of all parties involved in PV plants, and all of them were curious about our new and cost-effective solution.

DustIQ launches at Intersolar

At Intersolar, in Munich this week, we will officially introduce our DustIQ; a breakthrough technology for the monitoring of soiling on PV panels.

It is the first, and only, system that is maintenance free, measures soiling optically and can be easily installed on your row of panels. At our booth we have the DustIQ on display to test on the spot. See how it works for you, with real dust samples. 

Launch partners 3E and meteocontrol

We are grateful to consultancy 3E and energy and weather services provider meteocontrol for taking part in the launch of DustIQ. Algorithms in their leading PV plant monitoring software will support you in making better decisions on when, and where, to clean your PV panels.

Stop by the 3E booth A3.534 or meteocontrol at booth B2.230 to learn more about the integration of soiling measurements into their plant monitoring software.KippZonen Partners with 3E en meteocontrol to integrate DustIQ in their software

Where to be at Intersolar

At the Kipp & Zonen booth A4.420, you can not only talk to our product and application experts, but register to win your own free DustIQ. It’s not too late to pre-register and double your chance of winning! 

3E, meteocontrol and Kipp & Zonen invite you to come and find the answer:  to clean or not to clean!

Learn more about DusIQ

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Jan-Willem Sips

by Jan-Willem Sips

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