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The pressure has been on, but RT1 is ready to roll!

[fa icon="calendar"] November 02, 2017 / by Donald van Velsen

Donald van Velsen

When we introduced the RT1 Rooftop Monitoring System at Intersolar in Munich we were aiming at commercial availability within 4 months and I’m happy to say we have succeeded! RT1 is now ready to order.

Customers in Asia and in Europe have purchased and received the very first RT1’s and are testing them. Soon we’ll be able to share with you their findings.

RT1 corner.jpg

The RT1 infrastructure

RT1 can play a crucial role in monitoring the efficiency of commercial-scale rooftop solar panel installations. It provides the real-time local irradiance and PV panel temperature measurements that you need to derive the performance ratio, and thus the return on investment, of the project.

Along with the RT1, other important parts of a complete rooftop solar monitoring solution are:

  1. A smart internet gateway that offers:
    Support for locally used electricity meters that measure the amount of grid power transferred
    Compatibility with local data transport services; LAN, cellular or Wi-Fi
    Interfaces for a wide range of locally available inverters
    Modbus® RTU input for the RT1 measurement data
  2. Solar power system monitoring software, preferably in the cloud; aimed at your needs for alarms, warnings and performance reporting

The role of the RT! rooftop sensors in the Internet gateway

RT1 components

RT1 is more than just a clever design of integrated smart sensor that measures solar irradiance in the Plane of Array of the PV panels. Features that make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to install and operate include simple mounting, a panel temperature sensor, high quality cables and waterproof connectors.

Panel temperature sensor

An important part of the RT1, that we have given a lot of thought to, is the PV panel temperature sensor that we include as standard. We came up with a neat and robust design that follows international recommendations.

It is thermally isolated from the air with a silicon cap and is glued to the back of the PV panel with a special heat-conducting 3M™ tape. Unlike many cheaper tapes available on the market, once fixed it stays fixed. RT1 comes with cable ties and self-adhesive mounting pads, to properly secure the sensor cable to the panel.

The RT1 rooftop monitoring sesnor comes with a temperature sensor

High quality cables and connectors

Two other important components are the cables and connectors. RT1 uses the same type of reliable, UV-resistant cables as all Kipp & Zonen instruments. To enable easy removal of the RT1, for example for recalibration, we opted to use IP67 connectors with gold-plated contacts instead of fixed cables.

RT1 has a high quality connector for easy removal and service

The supplied cable for Modbus® communication and DC power is 20m long. This allows you to lead the cable from the RT1 to your data logger, SCADA system, internet gateway, inverter or other connection point without the need for cable extensions. Saving time, money and worries about exposed connections in the rain or sun.

Ready to order

If you have a commercial rooftop solar installation, you should measure the solar irradiation and PV panel temperature reliably. For a smart all-in-one solution look no further and go to to find out more and request a quote (by adding the RT1 to your basket).

Request a Quote for RT1

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Donald van Velsen

by Donald van Velsen

Product manager at Kipp & Zonen's head office in Delft, the Netherlands